Polistes dominula

Polistes dominula is the social "paper wasp" from Europe. Wasps generally feed on caterpillars, but these thin wasps can eat a lot of bugs--including honey bees!

Paper wasp chewing paint/wood

They make their nests out of pulp from wood. They chew the wood and mix it with water to build. They like unkept wood, and you can find their marks where they've eaten away at it.

They also apparently fan their nest to cool it like honey bees do.

Nest with larva

Video: Fanning nest with larva (0:04, 4MiB, MP4)

Wasps are predators, and love honey bees' docile, cellarkeeper nature. A wasp can eat anything in a honey bee hive except the wax itself, which they will destroy. Honey, pollen, adult and baby bees. They will be more aggressive and come looking for easy prey in the Fall, when natural resources are low and honey bees have stored up their reserves.

I am not a big fan of wasps because I am a beekeeper, not a gardener!