Love in the Western World

The Lock-in Monster of MIDI.

Young man graduating college

Long ago, in the glory days of GIFs and strange places, blogs were crummy hodgepodges of blinking, colored text. SEO was experimental, often taking advantages of bugs in search engines and indexes to become the coveted first search result. Haha. I digress.

It was 2009. With a free plant from the Chemistry Department, I blissfully graduated into 18 months of unemployment. 270 job applications, 10 responses, three interviews, and over 500 hours of Team Fortress 2 later, I cut my hair and got a job. My internal organs took advantage of my activity slump to store sugars as convenient fat cells. $$$ had an inverse relationship with early signs of Carpal Tunnel.

Screen Time

Analogous to sugar. Sugar damages your teeth, your heart (tied to heart disease), and is usually not digested properly. There is no benefit to eating sugar, besides saliva and self-gratification (which is good in small doses). If you stopped eating sugar, you would only be healthier for it. If you stopped watching screens completely, you would sleep better, think clearer, and be able to communicate better with others. Just saying.

The Internet is "For children ages +2" according to scientists, because children need us to interact with them in-person to develop their brainz. As we extend our life expectancies, we also need to continue developing our brainz. We need that in-person interaction. We've vegetated at our TVs after work for decades, and the Internet is replacing that. It may not be a simple cause-effect, we can be wise about it.

"Millenials are good multi-taskers, but are inefficient."

We start learning from an early age to multi-task with our multimedia. Apparently, we lose efficiency and focus by multitasking. It becomes hard for multi-taskers to turn off the 'tasking when it's necessary.

On Facebook: Your posts, pictures, friends--your online history and memories are harboured by a $B++ conglomerate whose interests are antithetical to your own, and it is designed specifically to shape the way your brain works to improve its stock prices. They're brazen about suckering you, and it has proven prudent to be a conspiracy theorist in a modern age of giant corporations and governments with fire hoses of data for them to analyse. And this brain shaping takes advantage of our multi-taskitude.

Facebook gaming (single-player Facebook) can be summed up in two words: operant conditioning.

Ubiquitous Faults

The Internet has made it big. Pornography continues to lead the pack, though it's facing stiff competition from Netflix and social network stalking.

Our culture has begun judging in favor of homosexual fandom, likely willing to oppress other perspectives, ironically.

To be continued. . .