Blogging a Dead Horse

This isn't a timeline of my whereabouts or thoughts. You can look that up on Pnut, a social networking service. This is just a website with some topics I cover. This is the armchair media theory of a post-asdf world.

I have had various blogs over the years. They eventually fell off. The posts were either timeless touchstones on a personal tenant, a critical analysis, or a holistic story; or short, irrelevant status updates.

My irrelevant, contextless posts can be found on Pnut. I much prefer to keep that there, in a chronological stream, moving quickly. Relational and accessible.

Having culled the irrelevant, it doesn't fit to make my content chronological. So I am organizing content by tags and categories, and title... without chronology. It is not a blog. There is no definitive end to a page. This is just a website. A list of documents.

My tech stack doesn't matter. I include dates to keep things honest, but the articles are updated whenever I want.